Manufactured with passion

Adamson is Canada’s most recognized exporter of loudspeaker technology for the pro-audio sector. For more than 30 years Adamson loudspeakers have been a mainstay in global tours and festivals, and are installed in some of the most prestigious venues around the world. Located in Port Perry, Ontario, Adamson is one of the largest employers in Scugog Township with more than 100 highly skilled craftsmen and women in disciplines ranging from the design and development through production.

Our Vision

To provide the most innovative and technologically advanced professional audio equipment; manufactured to exacting specifications with the highest quality control standards available in the world. Continuously develop our infrastructure and R&D team so our products lead, rather than follow, market trends.

Our Mission

To design, develop, and manufacture innovative and technologically advanced professional loudspeaker systems. To provide the most reliable products with the highest quality control standards available in the world. To provide world-class support to the people that work with our products.

Highest output possible while maintaining perfect clarity

There are very few products on the planet that can be deployed and perform at the SPL levels of Adamson products while maintaining impeccable clarity and control.

Always pushing the boundaries

Adamson was the first line array designed and manufactured in North America. Dozens of patents paired with proprietary manufacturing techniques allow us to achieve unmatched performance.

Universally accepted by today's top engineers

Adamson products will not be turned down by an experienced engineer. Need proof? Visit the quotes section on our website to see what the industry says about our products.

Designed, manufactured and supported from Canada

Almost every component in your cabinet is made from raw material in our Canadian factory. Our entire process from design to development; through production and support starts in Port Perry, Ontario.

We manufacture products using only the best materials in the world

From the inside out, the design and materials used to produce Adamson products ensure your investment will perform at industry standards for decades.

Our clients are at the center of our company

We take great pride in ensuring our products are operating at the highest performance levels. Our support team is skilled and in tune with the demands of our industry.


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