Metrix and SpekTrixAdamson's Metrix and SpekTrix Series offer all the benefits of a true line-source array via our patented wave shaping sound chamber technology. The Metrix houses one 8” Kevlar Neodymium driver in this 2-way active design, with a 1.4” exit compression driver. The Spektrix houses two 8” Kevlar Neodymium drivers handling the low and mid frequencies in a 3-way active design, while a 1.4” exit compression driver provides smooth top end. Both top cabinets have a coverage pattern of 5° vertical by 120° horizontal and produces a slightly curved, iso-phase wave front. A 15° vertical (WAVE) option is available in either model to act as a perfect downfill or stand alone solution. An AIR™ rigging system is simple and effective. It consists of a laser-cut revolving disk on both sides of the enclosure, allowing for 6 splay positions. For fixed installations, the cabinets can be delivered with the EIR™ rigging option. 

Companion subs are available in a dual 15" or 18" Kevlar Neodymium woofers in a tuned, vented design, which contains both front and back Neutrik NL8™ inputs for easy cardioid use. When combined in a 5-way configuration the A218 is a perfect match for providing extra low end.


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