Adamson Systems Engineering has released Load Library V5 for Lake Controller, which offers several important updates to Load Library V4.2.

The release of V5 brings standard presets for Adamson’s S7p, S10p, IS7px, S10n, and IS219 loudspeakers as well as new fingerprint files for the S7 and S118. New end-fire presets for the S118 and IS118 subwoofers are also now available.

Initial data frame presets are another new feature, which allow the user to enable a soft reset of the amplifier without changing the frame name. All existing presets from the previous library (V4.2) remain unchanged acoustically, but have been updated to work with the Lake Controller 6.8.5 framework. All preset version numbers have been updated to reflect the current library as well.

“It’s very important to us that our Adamson Network partners are not only armed with the best loudspeaker products on the market, but that those products are consistently performing at the highest-possible level for any application,” says Mario Ahrberg, Education and Application Support with Adamson. “As the latest Load Library demonstrates, we want users to have every tool at their disposal to deliver unparalleled audio experiences with a simple, straightforward, and bulletproof workflow.”

Note that this library requires Lake Controller 6.8.5 to function; subsequently, Adamson will continue to offer Load Library 4.2 on its website for a short period as partners make the update.

As with V4, all Adamson loudspeakers are presented as a single module in Lake Controller, which simplifies the output routing process, minimizes the time it takes to complete group assignments, and maintains a clean and streamlined workflow.

Adamson's Load Library V5 is now available from the Adamson website (click here) and as the accompanying Load Library file when installing Lake Controller 6.8.5.

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