Adamson Systems Engineering is proud to announce its CS-Series line of intelligent loudspeakers is now Milan™ Certified, ensuring interoperability with all other Milan certified devices on the same network, regardless of manufacturer.

Due to the complexity and innovation of the CS-Series network topology, which was designed to allow end users to set up their system in a manner similar to current industry-leading passive systems, certification required the advancement of the Avnu Test Tool, of which Adamson has been a key partner in developing over the last 18 months.

"We're thrilled to be a part of the group that defined the parameters of the Avnu test tool,” states Brian Fraser, Head of Product and Technology with Adamson. “With the approval of the CS-Series line of products using this tool, we can now offer the industry's first Milan Certified line array products that allow the user to daisy-chain networked audio between enclosures, while adhering to defined presentation time limits."

Adamson CS-Series intelligent loudspeakers include switch fabric allowing control data and the Milan Audio Network to be daisy-chained cabinet-to-cabinet while still meeting specified presentation times. This creates lower cable counts required to connect to arrays of loudspeakers giving fewer potential failure points, less cable weight, easier setup, and an overall cleaner look.

Adamson has been a major benefactor behind the development, verification, and validation of the Milan compliance test tool known as Avnu Express Test Suite (AETS) for Milan Advanced Certification. The work behind this has included participating in weekly review meetings in a work group, running interim releases of AETS on in-house test benches, validating tests that passed, analyzing packet capture logs for tests that failed, bug reporting, and updating working Avnu documents. Adamson has received two certificates of recognition for its contributions toward the development of the AETS.

Adamson’s Brajendra K. Singh has been integral to the development of the Avnu Express Test Suite “It has been a great experience working with everyone in the Avnu test tool and Beta testing workgroups over the last one and half years. I am happy to have taken part in the evolution of new standards and tests. I, and everyone at Adamson are appreciative to be a part of such an important initiative. Everyone was quite supportive in solving the issues that were identified during verification and validation of test cases for Milan Advanced Certification.”

Milan is a standards-based deterministic network protocol for real time media, created and maintained by Pro Audio market leaders including Adamson Systems Engineering. A significant improvement over Milan 1.0 Certification, Milan Advanced Certified products must pass 180 tests including comprehensive testing of Milan redundancy and Milan AVDECC (Audio Video Discovery, Enumeration, Connection management and Control protocol).



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