“I have to be involved in this to be happy” says newly assigned Head of Applications EMEA 


What led you to your first position at Adamson? 


I started in the event industry doing an apprenticeship as an event technician with Cobra Sound and Light, a rental house sharing the warehouse with Adamson Europe. During this time, I met Jochen Sommer, our Director of Operations for the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Asia). Later, while studying information and electrical engineering I had to do a practical semester. As I liked Jochen’s job and Adamson, I asked him if I could do my internship with Adamson. A few weeks into the internship, it was clear to both of us, that it was a great fit. I finished my studies, wrote my bachelor’s thesis with Adamson, and then continued into a full-time application support role. Eventually, my role grew to lead the education program in EMEA and my title changed to Application and Education Support Engineer. 


What is your new position? 


I am managing the application and service team in the EMEA region. Together we make sure all the distributors and users receive the support they need. This includes technical support remotely and on-site, which means a lot of travelling. My team in Hamburg is taking care of the service in our region, including a warehouse to supply parts quickly 


How would you boil it down? 


We have always supported our distributors. What I am doing now, is carrying on that same work. A lot of this comes down to optimizing the flow of information. The factory needs to know what is happening in the field and the field needs to know what we think as a manufacturer. Interfacing these two sides is one of the important parts of my job. We are a people industry, so it comes down to people and communication.  


What are some of the challenges going to be? 


One challenge for me is taking on a team and managing it. I am not just responsible for the work I do myself anymore. I am now making sure everyone is happy and has the support and direction to do their jobs well. 


The other challenge relates to our ‘extended team’ – our distributors. In the EMEA region, there are a lot of different countries, languages, cultures, and unique demands to navigate. The challenge is knowing what each client’s needs are and to deliver the right kind of support. 



What do you enjoy the most in the job? 


On the one hand, I am on the road and meet the people in our industry, who are very enjoyable to work with. On the other hand, I am in the lab and deep into the product. I’ve always found that to be an interesting contrast and a combination that stays super exciting.  


Next, I love seeing the fruits of what I do. After training and empowering people, I get to see them develop the ability to create a great experience for the audience.  


It really sounds like you are in the right position. Would you like to add anything else to that? 


I am truly excited about the new technology we added over the last few years. The CS Series of loudspeakers with our own electronics, and the Fletcher Machine. There are and will be a lot of great new technologies and applications using these.   


What inspires you? 


My motivation to be in this industry has always been my passion for live entertainment and concerts. Seeing and experiencing the energy that can come from artists on stage and hearing a well-produced show is still one of the best things I can imagine. Obviously, a show on Adamson speakers is the best.  


Obviously! And what else inspires you in your work? 


When we do demos, sometimes you meet technicians who are generally grumpy and hard to impress. I like seeing a smile come across their faces listening to the demo. They want to be cool, but even they cannot hide how great the system sounds. 


Can you share a memorable live show that impacted you early on? 


I listened to a serious-sized PA for the first time 18 years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday. The first sound at this German artist’s concert was a pre-recorded piano intro. It was extremely impressive to listen to something that loud and that clear. I was completely shocked and in that moment, I thought, “I have to be involved in this to be happy.” 


What makes Adamson’s approach special? 


We are very flexible. Sure, we have a history in rock and roll, but our systems faithfully reproduce whatever genre or approach you might have – we can make everyone happy, which is quite unique. We really can be used for everything and deliver some of the best sounding shows on the planet.   


What did it take for you to get here? 


Something that is generally important to any learning experience is to ask all the questions that you have. Always ask, and then be persistent with anything that doesn’t come easily. I experienced this in my apprenticeship and during the time I worked on a cruise ship. In those years, I was fortunate to learn plenty of skills related to my work and personal growth by enduring and pushing through valleys when things did not go as planned. 


During my time with Adamson I’ve been very lucky to work with and learn from numerous immensely passionate, experienced and knowledgeable people. I listen to feedback and acknowledge it, to improve myself and the company. The foundation is staying curious and open-minded towards everything you see and hear. 

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