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In the past year, Adamson was able to complete the audio vision of two signature club installs in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan

Zepp Shinjuku / ZEROTOKYO – Tokyo

Projects often start with an owner’s desire for an unparalleled audio experience, but they don’t always finish that way. TST Entertainment, a joint venture between Tokyu Corporation and Sony Entertainment, took four years to deliver their intended experience. The result is a signature live music and club experience in the Kabukicho Tower in Tokyo’s Kabukicho district featuring Adamson loudspeakers across three levels.

Zepp Shinjuku operates the venue for daytime live music events and a multi-floor nightclub in the evenings. The design called for a seamless lighting and sound experience between the floors, but respected the various needs of live music and club environment.

Ryoichi Ishii, Sales Director for Adamson’s Japanese distributor REWIRE INC. says, “It is no exaggeration to say that ZEROTOKYO is one of the largest nightclubs in Japan. The fact the venue services live music and a nightclub, there were many audio distribution challenges to solve.”

Adamson was an early choice as it’s widely known to deliver the same sonic signature across their product range. IS7Px and PC5 point source loudspeakers are used throughout the venue. An S-Series line array is used for the main performance space along with M12 monitors. S119 subwoofers are used in each room.

The largest space consists of E15, E12 and E219.

“The project design started in 2019, and from the beginning, we envisioned visitors at the front of the floor being bathed from head to toe in sound, while those on other levels and at the back being able to hold a conversation.”

ZEROTOKYP club with Adamson sound system

Ishii is thankful for the support from Adamson’s Applications Team and is proud to know the four-year project achieved so much notoriety and success.



As part of a regional revitalization, Gorilla Hall is a live house in Osaka that opened in January 2023. With a 1,130 capacity, it provides a space where people can fully enjoy live performances but also the appeal of the live house itself. They offer the “best playground” everyone can visit and enjoy daily. Mr. Hida, a famous PA engineer for loud rock in Japan, participated as an acoustic consultant. The end result is a powerful Adamson installation that is a critical part of reaching the vision of Gorilla Hall.

From Pro AVL Asia:

A main speaker system has been installed either side of the stage, comprised of six-per-side Adamson E12 three-way line array enclosures, with two S10 cabinets hung below each of the E12 arrays. Low frequencies are boosted by three E219 subwoofers per side, with one E219 facing backwards in cardioid mode to prevent unwanted sub frequencies from spilling onto the stage. At front of house is a DiGiCo Quantum 338 console with an SD-Rack fitted with three MOD SDR ADC cards and four DAC cards, giving a total of 24 inputs and 32 outputs, while a second SD-Rack onstage equipped with seven MOD SDR ADC and two DAC cards gives a total of 56 inputs and 16 outputs.
The team involved in the Gorilla Hall construction and installation project are convinced that Adamson was the optimum choice for the new venue. “Personally, we think the tone of the E12s matches the style of the bands performing at Gorilla Hall, such as the booming bass of loud rock music,” says Hida. “We are confident that we are providing excellent sound for our visitors. That means covering the audience from the front rows to the upper floor and providing them with an experience that they cannot get on a daily basis. We have received feedback from one of the promoters who tours live music venues, who said that that the sound was the best of all the venues they have worked at.”
Added Ryoichi Ishii, sales director at Rewire: “The Adamson team has always been a great help to us. We deeply appreciate Ben Millson [managing director, Adamson Asia Pacific], Orchid Adamson who assisted us with deadlines and Dwayne Slack from the applications team, who provided valuable insight into the intricate rigging and hardware systems.”

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