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Supporting Norway's biggest rap artists stands as a testament to Adamson's commitment to innovation, pushing technical limits and delivering exceptional audio experiences. Karpe’s groundbreaking project highlights the power, precision, and versatility of Adamson's professional audio solutions. 

Karpe’s Omar Sheriff; an extraordinary musical production that seamlessly blends diverse traditions and languages, was released in January 2022 and immediately broke the Norwegian streaming record for an album – of all time. Omar Sheriff is a story about roots, belonging, family and upbringing, told in a seamless mix of traditions and languages. Norwegian and Arabic, Gujarati, Hindi, and English – also known as diaspora pop.

Director Kavar Singh first visualized the concept in a film that is still running in a non-stop loop on No beginning, no end. Impossible to start, stop or scroll. The audience enters the loop, an Indian-Arabic Sci-Fi universe, a lucid dream - and watch until they feel fulfilled. The story is set in an old theatre building in the city of Skien, Norway. Karpe bought the 3000 square metre building in 2018 because they wanted to invite 100 of their most dedicated fans to a once-in-a-lifetime immersive experience, using every nook and cranny to tailor the experience to each guest individually.


"With more than two decades as one of Norway's most beloved acts," says Rolling Stone magazine, "the message is clear, deliberate and was even delivered over the loudspeaker by an AI-affected female voice: 'This is the most beautiful show in the world.’

- Rolling Stone Magazine. 


The audio requirements for the Omar Sheriff Live Show presented a unique challenge. Karpe, delivers high-energy hip-hop/R'n'B content accompanied by multiple acoustic instruments and voices. This production demanded a 360-degree design that required a powerful system capable of delivering impact throughout the entire room while maintaining detail and finesse. The concept and the show design also incorporated a flying cube as the cap of the stage. Firm physical benchmarks had to be taken into consideration when designing the PA system, including the weight and size of the stage.

Photo by Johannes Andersen

To overcome these challenges, Adamson utilized their innovative Blueprint software to derive the PA configuration. The design process involved multiple iterations to accommodate changes in set design and stage positioning. By incorporating accurate room models and set elements into the software, Blueprint accurately predicted coverage for individual arrays and the complete system. The real-world results demonstrated an excellent match with the simulation. Blueprint functionality is now available in Adamson's ArrayIntelligence software which also includes control and monitoring of their powered loudspeakers.

Adamson's E Series line array was selected for its suitability to meet the unique challenges of the production. Espen Husby, Karpe's FOH engineer, had previously utilized the E-Series for the band's 2017 project at the same venue and once again chose it as his preferred system. The E-Series impressed him with its exceptional output capacity, clarity, and overall sonic quality. One of the main factors that influenced his decision was the system's ability to deliver powerful and intelligible sound. Additionally, the E-Series' remarkable on- and off-axis response played a crucial role in achieving uniform coverage throughout the room, despite the complex layout.

The final audio setup had some unique aspects. Sub placement posed challenges in terms of both location and weight. However, the final position of the central flown sub array(s) proved to be beneficial for low-frequency distribution. The setup also required a minimal footprint to fit through the central opening of the meta cube. Front fill clusters were strategically placed directly underneath the sub array using custom rigging. 

Photo by Kenneth Vadset

A total of 184 cabinets were deployed. The main PA consisted of two hangs with 6 E15 and 9 E12 cabinets, four hangs with 9 E15 and 6 E12 cabinets, and two hangs with 12 S10 cabinets. For subs, there were 32 flown E119 cabinets (arranged in 4 hangs with 8 cabinets each) and 22 floor-mounted E219 cabinets (arranged in 11 FB cardio stacks). Additionally, there were four hangs of 3 S10 cabinets flown under the E119 subs for front fill, and 16 S7P cabinets placed on the stage edge for fill purposes.

The system was powered by 48x PLM20K44/12K44 amplifiers and controlled by 2x LM44 matrix processors. A dual redundant Dante network utilizing Cisco switches and fiber connections ensured seamless audio distribution. Notably, the sub placement posed a unique challenge in terms of location and weight. The final position of the central flown sub array(s) proved beneficial for low-frequency distribution. Custom rigging allowed front fill clusters to be placed directly underneath the sub array, optimizing sound coverage.



Sebastian Ekeberg, the Production Designer for Karpe, has a long background as Light Designer for a number of touring acts and the rental industry, but also as a Technical Producer and Technical Stage Manager for the Norwegian Opera & Ballet. Ekeberg´s long term relationship and close working relationship with Karpe since 2010, made him a crucial part in making Karpe’s visions possible from a technical perspective.

The sound system design was expertly executed by Jochen Sommer, with system tuning handled by David Nulli Amadio and Jochen Sommer. Kenneth Vadset served as the system engineer for shows, while Espen Husby and Simon Eraker took charge of FOH and monitor engineering, respectively. Raymond Hellem acted as the technical link between the performers and the rest of the production. Located below the stage floor, together with monitor engineer, the radio frequency engineer and the backline crew, he runs the show by serving timecode, midichanges, routing and backing tracks. The dedicated team of PA techs including Aksel Rønningen, Ole Marius Holden, Martin Aasen from Norsk Produksjon, and Stéphane Barba from MPM ensured flawless execution. The entire production team was carefully selected to work as a complete unit pushing the limits of today's technology forward. As a result of the design and production team the show is a no-compromise technical production.


Photo by Kenneth Vadset



From left to right: Jochen, Esben, Kenneth, David, Stéphane
                                                        From left to right: Jochen, Esben, Kenneth, David, Stéphane


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