The Adamson Network has grown substantially in South Korea thanks to the efforts of Sound Solution, the country’s exclusive distributor of Adamson Systems Engineering’s loudspeaker solutions.

Over the past year, Sound Solution has welcomed a host of reputable new rental partners as audio companies throughout the peninsula have added Adamson’s flagship E-Series products to their inventories.

“Adamson has a global reputation as a premium professional audio brand, and the South Korean market is quickly catching on to the quality and prestige associated with it,” comments Sound Solution Owner Lee Hong. “South Korea is well known for its appreciation of technology and innovation, and our partners recognize that the engineering behind the E-Series coupled with world-class support from Adamson and Sound Solution offers a major competitive advantage.”

The list of new E-Series partners in South Korea includes: Sound Mate; Jun Sound; Seki Sound; Sound Soul; and BL Company. They join existing Adamson Network partners Alpha Media, Tristar Audio, and Blue Noise in the region.

“We were seeking a top-quality audio system that could satisfy a wide range of applications, up to and including top Korean and international touring artists and major music festivals,” begins Hyunuk Kim, CEO of Jun Sound in Incheon. “Adamson’s E-Series met all of our requirements and exceeded our expectations in terms of sound quality and performance. We can confidently stand behind this system in even the most demanding situations, especially knowing we have Adamson and Sound Solution in our corner for support.”

Based in Seoul, Sound Solution is one of South Korea’s top distributors of professional and hi-fi audio products, representing a catalog comprised of many of the world’s best-known brands.

“South Korea always has been one of our strongest installation markets thanks to the superior expertise of Sound Solution,” says Adamson’s David Dohrmann, Technical Director for the Asia-Pacific region. “Now, they’re setting the same standard for the rental segment, which is reflected globally in leading K-Pop tech riders asking for our systems. Clearly, this is a major achievement beyond what we could expect from a regional distributor.”

TOP PHOTO: Team from Jun Sound in Icheon, South Korea with Adamson E-Series inventory

BOTTOM PHOTO: Adamson E-Series system from Alpha Media onstage at 2018 Lifeplus Cherry Blossom Picnic Festival in Seoul, South Korea

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