Sweet Southern Sound prides itself on delivering a unique and satisfying experience to its customers, and the company has elevated that experience significantly with its acquisition of a brand new E-Series rig from Adamson Systems Engineering.

Based in Beaumont, Texas, Sweet Southern Sound offers event production and AV integration services across Southeast Texas and has been championing Adamson products for a wide array of applications in recent years.

“We did a church install a few years ago with Adamson products, and it’s one of the best-sounding rigs we ever delivered,” shares Sweet Southern Sound owner Clint Hill. “Since then, we’ve just loved the brand and as we grow, we continued to invest in Adamson.”

After servicing rental clients for years with a complement of Adamson boxes, including a sizeable S-Series inventory, Sweet Southern Sound kicked off 2017 with the purchase of 18 E15 three-way line source enclosures and 16 E119 compact subwoofers.

“We are trying to increase our customer base with larger shows and festivals,” Hill explains, “and having a world-class, top-of-the-line rig that can handle virtually any job was a major part of that. The performance of the E-Series is spectacular; you can put anyone in front of it and they can hear the difference.”

Their Adamson equipment has already been put to use on large-scale shows by the likes of Goo Goo Dolls, Travis Tritt, Pat Benatar, and Clint Black. Hill says the response has been outstanding across the board.

“You pitch Adamson to the technical staff on tours, and there is just no question about quality or performance,” he adds. “Everyone is super excited to use the gear. Its light on weight, the rigging is simple, the amplifier requirement is super small, and it sounds amazing.”

“Sweet Southern Sound has been a great partner for years, and it’s been a true pleasure playing a part in their ongoing success,” comments James Oliver, Director of Sales and Marketing for Adamson. “We look forward to fully supporting them as they take on larger and more significant projects and continue on their impressive tangent of growth.”

Photo: Sweet Southern Sound's Clint Hill with the company's new Adamson E-Series rig

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