Port Perry, ON - Adamson is excited to announce the release of FletcherMachine Version 2. This update includes both software and firmware updates, and continues this no-compromises approach with a bevy of new features, further enhancing the capabilities and workflow of the system. 

Below is a brief highlight of FletcherMachine V2’s expanded features: 

  • Improved speaker management allows for both 2D and 3D setups in the same session.  
  • New connectivity tools include dedicated DiGiCo and AVID plug-ins, and on-board ADM-OSC allows for easy interoperability with other mixing desks and audio workstations.
  • A new binaural renderer can be freely assigned to any output channel. AVB+MADI versions also offer a dedicated headphone output.
  • New housings for both Traveler and Stage Engines.
  • Select from up to three high-quality reverb engines (hardware dependent)Hardware redundancy available for Stage engines.
  • All-new delay matrix allows for easy routing of any input to any output with user assignable gain and delay.  
  • Improved snapshot section for more accurate show control.
  • More efficient external protocol handling (MIDI, OSC, PSN, rttrpm) for improved integration of tracking systems and other third-party applications.
  • Expanded object grouping and linking for simplified mix automation.
  • Time code, stereo pairing function, variable I/O, and many more…

The FletcherMachine system is available in three versions. FletcherMachine Virtual is a free, stand-alone application for Windows and MacOS that allows users to design immersive environments on-the-go with headphones, while gaining hands-on experience that will translate seamlessly to the full version. FletcherMachine Stage is a 3U rack mountable hardware unit, offering up to 128x128 in - and outputs at 96kHz sample rate and just 1.3 ms latency. A 5-inch color touchscreen allows quick access to critical functions such as system monitoring and I/O routing. FletcherMachine Traveler brings the functionality of the Stage engine to a more portable format, offering a maximum of 96 channels with variable in- and output counts. Pulling everything together is the FletcherMachine Remote, a portable application for Windows and MacOS, offering a highly user-friendly interface and bringing the power of FletcherMachine to your fingertips.

FletcherMachine V2 updates are now available for download as a free upgrade for existing FletcherMachine users through

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