Escondido, California (June 2015) – Adamson Systems recently provided a 2-day training session for Sound Image employees, some of whom were heading out with the company’s extensive E-Series PA for this summer’s Imagine Dragons tour.

The training focused on Adamson’s Blueprint AV™ 3D modeling software and the integration of Lab.gruppen’s PLM product with the E-Series line source enclosures. Mick Whelan, director of U.S. operations, and Brian Fraser, applications engineer, led the Adamson portion of the training while Colin Studybaker, touring/install sales for TC Group, was on site to walk the team through optimizing Lab.gruppen PLM amplifiers, with Lake processing, and the Adamson rig.

Using a variety of geometric shapes, Blueprint AV™ users can design any space; from a basic field, to a complex building. When arena or stadium design is required, a multi-point extrude surface allows multiple inclines and elevated surfaces with a few keystrokes.

“It is extremely fast and intuitive,” adds Fraser. “System engineers can have a venue designed quickly and accurately, often before the sound truck is even unloaded making set-up times shorter.”

Fraser also showed the Sound Image group how easy it is to select the Adamson E-Series products and deploy them in their virtual space. Lastly, he demonstrated how to define a system if time is tight by using the software’s auto-shoot function. This innovative feature quickly provides users with an idea of the splay settings to use. The mechanical page shows all the detail that the rigging crew are looking for.

“Because the majority of the Sound Image crew was fairly knowledgeable with the Lake DSP, we focused primarily on Lab.gruppen and PLM’s integration with Lake,” adds Colin Studybaker. “We spent some time looking at the extensive events and fault monitoring which is a key benefit of the PLM platform.”

Studybaker also covered input redundancy, a Dante routing overview with emphasis on how the routing works in sync between the PLM’s and Dante controller, and load verification/monitoring with the Adamson fingerprints – which are integrated into the Adamson/PLM presets.

“Knowledgeable personnel and top service are what set companies apart in our business.  At Sound Image we assemble talented and knowledgeable personnel, with leading technology on every tour that we deploy.  Adamson’s in depth training program is key in helping us realize these standards,” adds Jesse Adamson, director of business development for Sound Image.  “The Adamson E-Series has performed well for Imagine Dragons in the past and by incorporating Lab.gruppen with Lake Processing we expect amazing results with our Adamson inventory.”

Photo Cutline: (L-R) Satoshi "Son" Nishimura, Anthony Silipigno , Alek Stanley, Cameron Whaley, Nate  Klaeser , Chris Bushonz , John  Leary; Kneeling: Cory Gibson
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