Popular Chinese pop singer, music producer and professional guitarist and “New Asian King” Li Ronghao recently kicked off his “ideal world tour” with a concert at the Mercedes Benz Arena in Shanghai. The tour is being reinforced by an Adamson E-Series PA provided by Beijing Global Visual Culture Development Co. Ltd.

 “We are using a combination of 36 E15, 42 E12, 16 E218 and 18 E219 on the tour,” explains Beijing Global Owner Li Ran. ”This package provides the flexibility to cover virtually any venue we are dealing with.” 

On the first show at Mercedes Benz Arena Shanghai on July 9th the PA consisted of left-right hangs of 12 E15 over 6 E12 line array modules with side hangs made up of 12 E12 modules each. Low end support is handled by a total of 18 E219 subwoofers – ground stacked in a horizontally delayed arc – and two flown subwoofers arrays each consisting of 6 E218 subs.

The style of Li Ronghao’s music is said to be similar to US Singer/Songwriter John Mayer, as it also utilizes a number of acoustic instruments. “The E-Series system provides a very high dynamic range and even in super high SPL applications it retains a stable frequency response,” explains Jack Liaw, FOH engineer for Li Ronghao. “The rigging is easy to operate and the cabinet shape and structure is quite strong. On this tour we travel long distances every day and the system performs very reliably every day. The coverage is outstanding and the bass is shocking – absolutely amazing. I like it very much.”

The world tour includes stops in Hong Kong, Taipei, Seoul, Tokyo, Malaysia and Singapore.


Cutline: Adamson E-Series provide the flexibility Beijing Global requires to cover virtually any venue on the tour.
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Tour Schedule:

1 2016.05.20-21 Beijing Beijing's MasterCard Center

2 2016.06.08 Shenzhen Shenzhen Bay Sports Center 

3 2016.07.02 Chengdu Sichuan province stadium

4 2016.07.09 Shanghai Mercedes-Benz Arena (Shanghai)

5 2016.07.16 Qingdao Guoxin Gymnasium

6 2016.07.30 Hefei Hefei Olympic sports center gymnasium

7 2016.08.06 Chongqing Chongqing international expo center

8 2016.08.20 Zhengzhou to be confirmed

9 2016.09.03 Taiyuan Shanxi sports center stadium

10 2016.09.16 Jinan Jinan Olympic sports center

11 2016.09.24 Wuhan Wuhan Zhuankou stadium 

12 2016.10.15 Nanning Guangxi sports center stadium

13 2016.10.22 Dalian Dalian sports center stadium

14 2016.10.29 Xiamen Xiamen jiageng stadium

15 2016.11.05 Hangzhou Hangzhou huanglong stadium

16 2016.11.12 Changsha Changsha international convention & exhibition center

17 2016.11.19 Shenyang Shenyang Olympic sports center gymnasium

18 2016.11.26 Nanjing Nanjing Olympic sports center gymnasium

19 2016.12.03 Guangzhou Guangzhou International Sports Arena

20 2016.12.10 Tianjin Tianjin sports center

21 2017.01.07 Xi'an Xi 'an qujiang international exhibition center


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