Debuts  February 10-12, 2015  |  ISE Amsterdam  |  Booth 7-K187

The E-Rack incorporates state-of-the-art packaging, processing and amplification, combined with versatile I/O and industry standard power connections.  By utilizing the popular Audinate Dante protocol and pairing it with Lab.gruppen’s new PLM+ line of amplifiers, Adamson engineers have created a rack that can be used interchangeably to power all Adamson inventory. Whether the application is big or small, the Adamson E-Rack can power it.

“We went above and beyond when developing this rack,” explains Adamson Director of U.S. Operations Mick Whelan. “While reliability and integrity are essential ingredients for any pro audio component, we added agility and form to make this unit a joy to use in any situation.”

E-Racks are sold in 8 channel or 12 channel configurations, and can be modified to include either PLM 12K44 or PLM 20K44 amplifiers, as well as region specific power distribution units. A personal license for Adamson’s Blueprint AV™ software is included with each E-Rack.

The Adamson Audio Panel allows full use of the quad-redundant signal capabilities the PLM+ line of amplifiers has to offer. Both Neutrik Speakon™ NL8 and 19 pin Socapex output connectors are standard. 

A rear-mounted gigabit Ethernet switch handles all Dante and control signal.  The switch is capable of handling up to 2 racks worth of dual redundant Dante signal and is pre-loaded with firmware to make this system truly plug-and-play.

The E-Rack features a welded aluminum frame designed to withstand the rigors of the road. Each wooden panel is fully removable and replaceable in the event of damage. Both doors are hinged and swing upwards to slide into a slim housing at the top of the rack.  The interior steel 10U frame is rubber shock mounted to ensure the mechanical and electrical integrity of all components.

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