The production team at MEB Veranstaltungstechnik, located in Linz, Austria, recently supplied an assortment of Adamson sound reinforcement systems for this year's World Rowing U23 Championship held in Linz-Ottensheim, Austria.

The 5-day event took place at Reggattastrecke Ottensheim, a venue that has hosted international rowing regattas since 1972.  MEB was responsible for providing sound reinforcement for the grand stand, the boat preparation area, the marketplace and the on-site restaurant and VIP tents.

"The Adamson Metrix system was ideal for this application," explains Martin Lang, MEB system tech. "It is extremely precise so we could control the sound and just a few line arrays are enough to cover a large area."

Before getting to the event Lang used Adamson's Shooter prediction software to design the system. "It is easy to use and extremely accurate," he notes. "It definitely saved us time when it came to actual setup."  

The Grandstand seating area was divided into six zones, each covered by a pole-mounted PA that consisted of a Metrix Sub-t along with a Metrix-t and Metrix W-t on top.  MEB created custom pole mounts that allowed adjustment of the angle of the two Metrix Tops to ensure clean coverage of the seating area zone.

In addition to the Grandstand, it was important that the boat preparation area also receive clean and intelligible announcements.

"It was a very wide area and also very crowded with teams preparing to race," adds Lang. "We decided it would be covered best with a system deployed on a nearby rooftop aimed down at the field."

Lang specified six Metrix-t boxes stacked on top of two Metrix Sub-t subwoofers. The ground stacked system was positioned cover the majority of the boat area. An Adamson Point 12 two-way loudspeaker was tasked with filling in the area under the array.

The Marketplace at the Regattastrecke was an area for visitors to purchase concessions and souvenirs during the event. Not wanting attendees to miss any of the action, the MEB team flew a line array consisting of six Metrix-t enclosures with two ground stacked Metrix Sub-t boxes so that the area was blanketed with sound.

Last but not least, two Point 12 and Point 8 loudspeakers provided non-stop coverage for the restaurant and VIP tents on the grounds.

"We used Lab.gruppen PLM amplifiers to power all of the systems," Lang says. "The temperatures were up to 102 degrees (farenheit) – but we knew we could trust them in any situation and they did not fail us."

Great Big Events, the event management company for the championship, was very pleased with the end result of MEB's efforts. 

"They were extremely impressed with the coverage and headroom of the Adamson systems," concludes Lang. "The sound and clarity were excellent – they never disappoint."

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