Jakarta, Indonesia (January 2015) – Soundworks, based in Jakarta, Indonesia, has joined the Adamson Energia Network after accepting delivery of 24 Energia E15 line array enclosures and 16 T21 subwoofers.

 “We were looking for a large format line array to complete our arsenal when we saw the Linkin Park Concert in Jakarta with the new Energia loudspeakers and it was the best sounding concert we had ever heard,” explains Rio Felani, senior sound engineer with Soundworks. “So we started to research the PA and we were very impressed with what we found. When we were able to make the move to acquire the Energia system we did it.”

The company has been providing the region with concert and event production services since 2012. Since adding the Energia PA, Soundworks has supported national tours including David Foster, Peter Cetera, and Tommy Page; the 2014 Indonesian Music Awards and Yahoo OMG Awards as well as Lasem the Musical and more.

Cowboy Keith Thompson, FOH engineer for Peter Cetera, comments on his recent Jakarta concert: “I was happy to see the Adamson E15 rig when I walked into the venue in Jakarta. The local crew had hung and tuned the PA well. The coverage was solid from the front row, all the way to the back of the theater. The high mids were tight and had a great warm tone for Peter's vocals.”

The E15 is a 3-way, line source enclosure loaded with two vector corrected low-excursion 7-inch Kevlar® Neodymium midrange transducers paired with two next generation 4-inch HF compression drivers. The combination energizes the drive modules and provides seamless mid-high energy with minimized distortion at very high SPL levels. Two ND15-L 15-inch Kevlar® Neodymium drivers supply the low end, capitalizing on Adamson’s Advanced Cone Architecture.

“The clarity and headroom with the Energia PA is just amazing,” adds Pongky Prasetyo, Managing Director at Soundworks. “And the lower octave harmonics with the T21 subs make lower note articulation sound better than anything else. This system is perfect for us and will help us grow.”

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