Maestro Sound & Light, located in Bahrain, has invested in a new Adamson Energia loudspeaker system. The new PA made its debut at the concert hosted by the Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) in Sakhir during the Formula One Grand Prix.

Only the second night race held during the history of Formula One, the evening included a concert for the 31,000 fans in attendance. The high profile entertainment event included performances by Scorpions, Afrojack and Rabeh Saqer. 

Maestro Sound & Light provided a sound reinforcement system that consisted of left-right hangs of 12 E15 enclosures to cover the main seating area. Side fill was covered by two more Adamson Y18 line arrays, each made up of eight enclosures.

“I have been using the Y Axis Series for the last 3 years comprising of the Y18, Y10 and T21, and was always amazed at the amount of headroom I had on my system,” explains Kiran Tauro, Maestro Sound & Light FOH engineer for Afrojack and Rabeh Saqer. “Using the E15s not only made me realize how much more headroom I had, but also the transparency of the cabinets. Everything was just 'in your face' unlike other high end manufacturers.”

A total of twenty-two T21 subwoofers – ground stacked under the main PA – presented an abundance of low end for the audience. Infill was covered with Y10 loudspeakers stacked five-high stage left and right. Three Metrix loudspeakers, positioned next to each infill stack, offered out fill; an additional four Metrix enclosures were stacked two high and placed on the edge of the stage for lipfill/frontfill.

The concert, which took place in spite of adverse conditions due to vertical winds, was well received by everyone in attendance. BIC representatives were particularly pleased with the sound system.

“The sound was always very consistent despite the weather,” adds Achim Schulze, FOH engineer for the Scorpions. “Constant bass, precise mids and extended but gentle highs (never aggressive) made my life easy and I had very good control on my FX returns. Good presence with Klaus Meines’s vocals and very balanced tonality at all registers and levels of his voice. I did not touch the EQ. Nice spatial depth with drums and guitars and very good stereo imaging.”

“The dynamic capacity of this PA is outstanding and suits perfectly my way of working,” concludes Schulze. 

The E15 line arrays were powered by Lab.gruppen PLM20000Q amplifiers with FP+ Series powering the rest of the system. Tauro manned an Avid Profile at FOH with monitors handled by a DiGiCo SD8. The Scorpions crew mixed both FOH and monitors on Yamaha PM5D consoles.

“The E15 is by far the most versatile box I have ever used in the last 12 years of my career,” Tauro continues. “Having mixed on other systems I must say that this is the best I have heard so far – hats off to the entire Adamson team for building such an awesome sounding box. It will take a lot of hard work from competitors to actually move me away from this product."

Photo Caption: Left-right hangs of 12 E15 enclosures cover the main seating area with side fill handled by two more Adamson Y18 line arrays, each comprised of eight enclosures (click for hi-res photo).

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