More than 11,000 Enrique Iglesias fans experienced the power and fidelity of Adamson Systems’ E15 line arrays at the recent Mexico City stop of Iglesias’ Love / Sex Tour.


Monterrey-based Audio Systems del Norte provided the sound reinforcement for the event. Mexico City-based Sonotribe Audio Consultants assisted with system tuning. The concert was held in the football field at the Universidad Anahuac Norte, in honor of the school’s 50th anniversary.

“As usual the Adamson Energia system sounded terrific,” says Oscar Gamas, CEO & System Engineer for Sonotribe. “I am always amazed at the efficiency, frequency response and headroom the system provides. This was the right choice for the size of the venue and once again exceeded our expectations.”

The stadium was blanketed by a main PA consisting of left-right arrays of 16 E15 enclosures – 32 total – flown at approximately 36 feet (11 meters). Three SpekTrix boxes were hung from the bottom of the main arrays to cover the seating areas near the barricades close to the stage.

Side fill was provided by two more arrays, this time consisting of 12 Y10 enclosures per side. Because the touring production included two large video screens, the height and angle of these arrays were determined with an end goal of keeping video sight lines open.

An additional 8 M15 loudspeakers – 4 stacked in the front stage corners – ensured that fans positioned by the side barricades and in the stage corners under the Y10 arrays received more than enough SPL.  Sixteen T21 subwoofers provided bass support.

“FOH engineer Douglas Kimball requested an arc delay array of the T21 subs to five a little bit more coverage of the very low end,” explains Gamas. “We used separate signals for this to keep the time alignment between each sub and the main PA. All of this was done with Lake Processing which loaded with the Adamson System presets.”

“I utilized SMAART v7 for system alignment and found, once again, a really close to flat frequency response,” Gamas adds. “I use a few EQ filters for specific frequencies, check the phase and time alignment between each system and fill, set the levels a bit and end up with a powerful and precise system.”

The PA was powered by Powersoft amplifiers with Lake processing. Audio Systems del Norte also provided two Avid VENUE Profile consoles for FOH and monitors and an assortment of microphones for the talent.

“I can’t say enough about the tonal response I can get with the E15s and T21s,” Gamas concludes. “I’m a big fan of this Adamson system.”

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