Sound Solutions, located in Seoul, Korea, recently offered a technical seminar to more than 400 audio professionals in Korea. The day-long event included a demonstration of Adamson Systems’ Energia product line.

The Energia demo provided regional audio professionals the opportunity to evaluate the recently introduced Energia E12 line arrays and E218 subwoofer as well as the original Energia E15 line array enclosures. Adamson’s David Dohrmann ran the demo, presenting a multitude of tracks to highlight the system’s capabilities.

“We had a tremendous turnout with many sound engineers very impressed with the Energia system,” says Mr. Lee Hong, owner of Sound Solutions. “Having the demo in Olympic Hall – where many of our attendees have worked before -- made it simple for them to compare the Adamson System to others they have used. Everyone was impressed with the clean and powerful sound.”

The demo was held in the 2,452 seat venue in Olympic Hall which was renovated as a concert hall in 2011. The left-right line arrays consisted of nine E15 and two E12 for downfill. In addition, two vertical lines of six E218 subwoofers were flown – left-right – to provide even LF coverage throughout the venue.  Further low end was provided by six Adamson T21 subwoofers ground stacked at the center of the stage.

The system was powered by Lab.gruppen PLM20000 amplifiers which were also being demonstrated by Sound Solutions during the event.

“The system sounded fantastic,” adds Jessy Jin, Sound Solutions sales director. “Sound engineers, theatre sound directors, rental companies and installation companies all were in attendance to hear the full Energia sound.”

During the Adamson demonstration, Dohrmann also showcased Adamson’s newly released BluePrint AV 3D modeling suite which offers a fast and intuitive workspace, without sacrificing precision. The auto-shoot function that operates solely in 2D is ideal for sound companies that require quick and efficient load in. The simulation can be done within minutes.

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