This year, during SIEL 2013 in Paris France, Adamson Systems Engineering continued to grow their partnership with French touring powerhouse AUDIOLITE. DV2 brokered the deal that has added the E15 system to their roster. AUDIOLITE is already known as the premier rental and touring company in France and this addition is set to further boost their presence in the market.  For decades AUDIOLITE has made a name for themselves by working on world class festivals and events such as; Les Festivals des Vieilles Charrues , Du Bout du Monde, Bauregard and  Bobital. Along with providing the best audio equipment available in the world to their clients, they also have a huge inventory of lighting, special effects and video equipment available for events of any size.

AUDIOLITE has already set off on the road with the E15 system, with Sylvain Turpin behind the board for the new C2C Tour. They wanted to put it to use right away because of its low maintenance rigging system and nearly unbelievable headroom.

The addition of 48 E15s complimented by 16 T-21 subs will bolster their inventory of Adamson Line Arrays which already included 24 Adamson Y-18s and 16 Y-10s as their principle sound system. They will pair the new E15 arrays with Lab Gruppen PLM20000Q Amplifiers and will be networked through Dante.

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