MPM is already the largest carrier of Adamson products in France and their long standing relationship is set to grow again.  They’ve recently announced that they will continue to expand their existing inventory with the addition of 32 E15s. The addition of the new E15s now brings their total inventory to 78 boxes all amplified by Lab.gruppen PLM-20000Q and networked through Dante. This most recent purchase was brokered by Adamson’s long-time French Distributor DV2.

When Director General Marc Morosini was first introduced to the Energia line he was impressed.  “This system offers more power than any other cabinet, in a smaller and lighter package. It also wins in the sound department; it is exceptional, (it) has crystal clear sound even at high levels, with a very homogeneous coverage. To put it simply, it is the system of the future, available today.”  When asked about why he added even more E15 boxes to MPM’s inventory Morosini comments, "We have been an Adamson rental house for many years and we have had great success with the brand.  Today MPM carries more than 600 Adamson cabinets.  Our early investment in the e15 has been a great success.  This box has exceeded our expectations and become the most highly requested PA on riders in France after only one season.  We are proud to be one of the first Energia Partners and we look forward to the future."

Since 1990, MPM has garnered a solid reputation in France and has recently seen significant growth in both their National and European market shares. They provide a full inventory of lighting, structures and sound equipment and have worked with international touring groups including Linkin Park, INXS, Paul McCartney, Lou Reed and Alanis Morissette. The addition of the 32 E15s is another example of Adamson’s growing popularity in Europe where DV2 is excited to see the continued growth in demand for Adamson’s Energia series.

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