A jury of more than 30 solo artists and bands voted Serengeti Festival 2015 as the premier festival for brilliant sound. The result was a Helga! win for festival organizer Vibra Agency who in turn recognized their long-time production company, Blue Sound, for their excellence in sound reinforcement. 

 The Helga! Awards, which acknowledge a variety of categories for outdoor festival in Germany, are presented annually by and 

Blue Sound provided Adamson PAs for the Serengeti Festival which provided the “brilliant sound” that the award acknowledges. The international music festival has drawn more 15,000 fans to Zoo Safari Park, Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock, since 2006. 

The main stage was reinforced by left-right arrays, each made up of 10 E15 enclosures. Twenty Adamson S10 enclosures were flown for infill and outfill duties. Twenty-two E219 subwoofers drove the low end. 

The second stage flew left-right arrays made up of nine E12 enclosures each. Ten S10 boxes took care of outfill and infill with 18 E219 subwoofers pushing the bass. 

The musicians also utilized Adamson M15 stage monitors and SpekTrix enclosures for sidefill on each stage. Both systems were powered by racks of Lab.gruppen PLM Series amplifiers.


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Photo Caption: The Serengeti music festival received the Brilliant Sound award from Helga!


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