Toby Keith recently performed for his Canadian fans during his Shut Up & Hold On tour with concerts in St. John's, Sydney, Summerside, and St. John.

Out on tour with Sound Image Nashville, the Toby Keith crew brought everything but the PA to Canada and worked closely with Tour Tech East, based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, to provide an Adamson Energia system for the Canadian dates.

“The concerts were held in hockey arenas located in four different areas, each with seating for 6,000,” explains Stephen Doherty, systems tech for Tour Tech East. “The E15 line arrays sounded great and provided fantastic coverage.”

Tour Tech East hung left-right line arrays consisting of twelve E15 enclosures with an under hang of three SpekTrix W boxes. Outfill coverage was provided by two E12 line arrays made up of eight enclosures each. A total of 24 E218 subwoofers provided low frequency support. Four were hung left and right with eight ground stacked below each array.

“Load in and out with the Adamson system was great,” adds Doherty. “Because we can preset all of the angles on the ground, the system is very efficient to fly, and the weight is a big advantage as well. It is very light in comparison to similar enclosures. It was a pleasure to take out on the road.”

The PA was powered by Lab.gruppen fP 6400 amplifiers with Dolby Lake DLP processing, also provided by Tour Tech East. All processing and amplification was located under the stage with the Pram wireless access point and control located at FOH.

Sound Image traveled with a Midas XL4 console for front-of-house and an Avid Venue on monitors. Scott Halle, systems technician for Sound Image, notes that they also bring along a rack full of dynamics processing including an Anthony Demeria Labs tube compressor for TK’s vocal, multiple DBX units including a dbx 160SL stereo compressor/limiter, DBX 160 compressor limiter and Drawmer DS 404’s for drums. Also in the rack is a Lexicon 960L and a TC Electronics M 6000 for effects.

“I was extremely impressed with the high end from 1k and up. The PA was very efficient,” adds Halle. “Tour Tech gave us a few options on racks and stacks for these dates but we really wanted to try out the Adamson rig – having heard it on other tours we were excited to have the opportunity to work with it first hand. It was the right choice, the system did not disappoint.”

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