With YouTube and now Facebook offering users the ability to view 360-degree interactive videos, Adamson Systems Engineering decided to use the platform to provide audio professionals with a 360-degree look at the Pope during his recent visit to the port town of Guayaquil, Ecuador.

The video shows the Pope and his cardinals arriving at the main stage while a choir is singing in the background. Viewers can “look around” while watching the video by swiping the screen with a finger or moving the phone around to mimic head movement. A special camera was utilized to capture all 360-degrees of the event. 

“It is pretty amazing to be able watch a video as though you are there,” explains James Oliver, director of marketing and sales for Adamson. “We thought this was the perfect opportunity to not only provide users with this incredible content but also provide them with a unique way to view the content. It’s an entirely different experience.”

Colombia-based C.Vilar provided the Adamson sound reinforcement system that covered the 118 acres utilized to accommodate the anticipated 1.2 million Catholics at Semanes Park for the mass. The C. Vilar team used more 150 Adamson line array enclosures – E15, E12, S10 and Spektrix – to cover the audience area.   

The Adamson video can be viewed on Facebook or on YouTube. Facebook says that viewing will be available on the Web and on Android devices “soon,” and support will be coming to Facebook’s iOS app “in the coming months.”


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