Point 115 Sub

The Point 115 Sub has been designed to complement the Point 8 enclosure; its width matching the height of the Point 8 - it can be horizontally mounted under the Point 115 Sub. The Point 115 Sub can also be used as a stand-alone product, paired with your existing system to supplement any missing bottom-end. This Active / Passive subwoofer is extremely light weight - 38.5 lbs without crossover, and 43.5 lbs with a crossover. The Point 115 Sub is also available with all SLR ™ rigging systems for the Point Series, thus arraying the enclosure is a breeze in any set-up, in any venue. The Point 115 Sub’s power source is Adamson’s famous 15” ND15-S Driver, which is also used in the Adamson Metrix Line Array Series Sub. This little beast can keep bottom-end up in any small to medium venue with light live material such as Jazz, Instrumental, Ambient, Bluegrass, Folk or Speeches, or as a superior playback system in clubs, restaurants, bars, gyms and public spaces. Combined with the Point 8 enclosure, this systems delivers clarity and warmth to any venue where atmosphere is vital.

Frequency Range (+/-3 dB) 55 Hz - 200 Hz
Frequency Range (-10 dB) 50 Hz - 200 Hz
Components LF ND15-S Kevlar Neodymium Driver
Nominal Impedance LF 8 Ω
Power Handling (AES / Peak) LF 500 / 2000 W

SLR™ Sockets

Connection 2x Speakon™ NL4 (Barrier Strip Optional)
Height Front (mm / in) 419 / 16.5
Width (mm / in) 451 / 17.75
Depth (mm / in) 334 / 13.13
Weight (kg / lbs) 17.5 / 38.5 Active, 19.8 / 43.5 Passive
Supported Processing Lake, IPD, XTA

**12 dB crest factor pink noise at 1m, half space, using specified processing and amplification 

Point 115 Sub SLR™ Point 115 Underhang (931-0004) Hardware for hanging a Point 8 under a Point 115 Sub Cabinet
Point 115 Sub image://images/86/img_Sight-Mount-934-0015.png,thumb://images/86/thumb_Sight-Mount-934-0015.png,ico://images/86/ico_sight-mount-934-0015.png,original://images/86/Sight-Mount-934-0015.png Rigging Disk with multiple angle bar for Point 15/12/8/115 Sub
Point 115 Sub SLR™ Extended Sight Mount (934-0004) Lifting hardware for extended angle arrays Point 15/12/8/115 Sub
Point 115 Sub SLR™ Quick Lock 360° Articulator (932-0030) C-Clamp with 360 degree rotation
Point 115 Sub Polemount Base (932-0031) SLR™ to polemount rigging adapter
Point 115 Sub Spec Sheet One page spec sheet for the Point 115 Sub. 268.25 KB
Point Series User Manual User Manual detailing operating instructions for the entire Point Series line. n/a
Adamson Load Library V5.4 Adamson's updated preset library - Requires Lake Controller 7.0.0 or higher n/a
ADAMSON IPD IPX Library V5.4 Load Library for the Lab.gruppen IPD and IPX amplifiers n/a
Adamson Amplification Chart V5.4 Displays the maximum amount of Adamson loudspeakers that can be used with approved amplifiers. n/a
Point Series Product Information Pack Product Information Booklets for the Point Series. n/a
3D CAD Drawings 3D CAD Drawings of all Point Series enclosures n/a
XTA Preset Library V40 29dB V40 contains all the latest, updated presets for Adamson's product line. Only use with amplifiers set to 29dB amp gain. n/a
XTA Preset Library V40 32dB V40 contains all the latest, updated presets for Adamson's product line. Only use with amplifiers set to 32dB amp gain. n/a


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